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Hello, universe.
I'm a proofreader +
copy editor who's interested in making you sound better.

This is me

I've helped agencies + brands, like Porsche Latin America, Invincible Boats, Mercury Marine, Medtronic, The American Bar Association, The University of Miami, and Capital One, by reviewing their collateral and polishing up their copy. I've always felt like being called a proofreader just wasn't enough. It's definitely part of what I do, but I don't just fix spelling and grammar. I make content/stories/copy sound better.

I'm a critical thinker. I mentally digest the ideas I review. I question why a certain tone of voice was chosen. Who the audience is. Whether the words on the page make sense holistically. I'm a copywriter first and foremost, and I apply my whole skill set to what I do every day.

Proofreading  Copy Editing 
Copywriting  Social Media

 Technical Editing   Process

Adobe Pro Master    Leader 

I'm your secret weapon.


My sweet spot is working directly with creative teams.

I am a seasoned professional who has spent the better part of the last 2 decades in a version of my current role as a proofreader and copyeditor. In addition to that, I use my whole skill set in my work, including my degree and post-graduate experience from Virginia Commonwealth University in Mass Communications as a copywriter. I approach my editing work through the lens of a copywriter, a brand strategist, an art director, and a technical editor — a skill set that I have built throughout my years in the industry. 


I grew up, career-wise, in an in-house creative department in the financial services space. My experience there helped me develop a strong work ethic and learn how to function within the stringent boundaries and regulations that are ever-present in the credit card industry. 


As a successful copy editor, I am able to approach the role with no ego. I am an active listener while also being able to maintain my position and defend my expertise. My natural curiosity, coupled with the ability to come up to speed quickly, allows me to hit the ground running when I start something new.


I thrive in this environment. And I adore what I do. 

This is also me.

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